Hello! I’m Chiaki 👋

I am a Japanese digital marketer and web developer. I’ve been living in Hong Kong since 2008.

I am a member of the design team for WordCamp 2020 and 2023, and I designed the event mascots Tuk-Tuk Wapuu and Chao Phraya Boat Wapuu 🤩

I love Hong Kong’s local culture, cityscape and food, especially dim sum. Before coming to Hong Kong, I worked as a web writer, web developer and web director in Japan for three years. After coming to Hong Kong, I spent three years studying Mandarin and Cantonese. After that, I set up my own company in Hong Kong, building websites using WordPress, building multilingual websites in Japanese, English, Chinese and other languages, and helping with promotional development.

Director of Tsurukame Creative Ltd. in Hong Kong / Marketing representative of Vektor,Inc. in charge of domestic and international marketing.

I often attend WordPress-related events and workshops.